Top 3 countertop materials you can use for your kitchen

The countertop is the most functional area of your kitchen. It must be made up of a material that looks good and lasts for a long time. In the past, there were limited choices for kitchen countertops. But now there are numerous textures, colors and patterns available. These are the top countertop materials you can use in your kitchen today.


This material is timeless. Though many new types of materials are now used for countertops, granite always stands out. Granite countertops are heavy and durable. You can customize it to any color, texture or shape. These are heat resistant and scratch proof as well.

Solid surfaces

These surfaces are scratch and stain resistant. You can easily repair them. You can get lots of choices for patterns and colors. You can get hundreds of design ideas with solid surfaces.


Ceramic has been the trend for countertops for the past decade. The benefit of having ceramic countertop is that it requires very low maintenance. You can customize it to any shape or color. It is very durable. You won’t have to worry about scratches and heat when you work on ceramic countertops.

 Before deciding on the countertop material, you should consider your budget as well. Choose a design that most people will like, rather than going for an unconventional design. That way the value of your house will increase if you want to sell your house in future.